Baier Bischofberger are an architectural practice dedicated to creating spaces that are a joy to experience and use.

We like to seek inspiration from and conduct research in fields beyond architecture opening up to new and often surprising approaches.

In the design process we employ every technique available to us – hand sketches, physical models, assemblages, 1:1 samples as well as integrated computer models, parametric design or 3d printing.

We collaborate closely with our clients and involve them in all stages to make the resulting building a joint success. Thus we develop unique, tailored projects regardless of size or budget.

Our team of 16 is international with a wide range of backgrounds and we have our own dedicated project management team. Together we efficiently control the entire building process including cost, budget and above all quality of execution.

Since 2005 we have completed a number of outstanding projects for the arts, such as numerous buildings for the Gallery Bruno Bischofberger and the Bischofberger Collection forming an arts Campus outside of Zurich. Our residential development Am Rosenweg is an example of balancing community and privacy in a dense living condition and the recently completed Courtyard House combines parametric design and prefabricated wood construction into a home that is both expressive and intimate.